There are many different on-page factors that you can change to make your business website more search engine friendly. One element that is really easy to do, but a lot of website owners neglect is to make sure their photos include alt-text tags.

Why is this?

Google’s spiders crawl the web-and your websites regularly. As they are crawling, they acquire details about what the website is about, if there’s any new content available, etc. Well, photos that are published on the website are just that, images. The spiders really can not translate those photos without some type of text description. If no description is available, then you will lose an opportunity to add more illustrative information about your website, or more specifically, that specific webpage. By the way, Google places high value on the alt-text tags, so it only makes sense to add these to your pictures.

You prefer to give as much information as you can, right?

The trick with alt-text is to give as much relevant information as possible, while using the least amount of words. You do not want to “keyword stuff” the alt-text field, as this is something Google does not like. You can still be specific with a few words. Be sure to include the keywords in that description.

Images that contain alt-text will also offer another opportunity for the user to get access to your site.
Let’s say you have a site where you blog about legal issues in the state of Colorado.  We will assume that you did your keyword research and the article is sitting on the first page of google for these keywords.

If you have the alt-text referenced to the pictures, you will also see the picture under the Image tab on Google search.

SEO for lawyers
Your YouTube videos can also rank in the image section in the search results. Assign a thumbnail image (that has the alt-text assigned) to the video, and now that image that refers to the video will be available for the Google search results.

Site Image Optimization

If you are attempting to put your site in the best position to be found in search, utilizing the alt-text is one of the ways to increase your changes of being found.

So, is site image optimization difficult to do?

Creating an alt-tag is a simple procedure if you are using WordPress as your CMS, no coding required. When you upload the image to WordPress, you will see a spot where you can establish your alt-text information. You can go in there at any time and make adjustments if you feel that a different characterization would be necessary.
This is something that law sites can take advantage of. If your site presents several images, you can fill in the alt-text label so the Google spiders can identify what the page is about. I have seen many certain law sites that have several photos, but not a great deal of text. How about best DUI lawyer in Seattle, or Springfield car accident attorney?
You would obviously need to do some keyword research to find the best key phrases to use.

You would be doing yourself a disservice if all of the alt-text areas are blank. You are losing an opportunity to have your photos in the image search results.

If you are featuring pictures on your web pages, be sure you are adding in the alt-text. Remember, this does two things:

– Allow the Google spiders to read the image meaning
– Allow your photos to be searched
Do You Alt-Text Your Images? If you aren’t, you are missing a factor that Google uses to rank sites.

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