Using YouTube Videos for Marketing

I know you have a good looking website, and you have carried out your on-page and off-page optimization. You are good to go, right? Maybe, but if optimizing your website is the only thing you are doing, you may want to think again. All companies are concentrated on ranking in Google, and for good reason….

Site Image Optimization

There are many different on-page factors that you can change to make your business website more search engine friendly. One element that is really easy to do, but a lot of website owners neglect is to make sure their photos include alt-text tags. Why is this? Google’s spiders crawl the web-and your websites regularly. As…

How To Pick The Right Local SEO Business

Even if you are equipped with all the expertise of SEO, you may perhaps and probably still require the professional services of a good SEO provider. Having a great knowledge about SEO is often barely enough. To make things simpler, you will be much better off working with the services of a very good SEO…