Bankruptcy SEO for Attorneys

With an increasing number of people who search for legal services online, it’s no wonder that a bankruptcy law firm’s placement in the search engines is paramount. Today, many consumers use search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing to find local attorneys who can handle their bankruptcy needs.

Therefore, as a bankruptcy lawyer, you understand how essential it’s to maintain a targeted and an effective marketing campaign.  This campaign will reach your potential clients in your location. They may search legal services using different search terms, like “bankruptcy in Tennessee,” “Los Angeles bankruptcy attorney” or “Dallas bankruptcy lawyer.”

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to a process of enhancing the natural placement of a website in the search engines. The site’s relevance to the term being searched determines natural placement. It mainly depends on ever-changing, complex algorithms. Natural placement varies from pay-per-click advertising to paid advertisements in the search engines.

Usually, bankruptcy law firm business is a more volume-based.  This means that you will have to generate more leads and address more cases than a malpractice attorney who’s searching for one or two big cases every month.

For your bankruptcy site to generate more and better leads online, it needs to rank very well for a good number of the targeted keywords.  These keywords need to be relevant to both your legal practice and location.

But despite the popular opinion, ranking well for a few keywords such “bankruptcy lawyer in California” and “New York City bankruptcy attorney” isn’t the only key to success when it comes to bankruptcy lawyer search engine optimization.

The general rule of thumb when it comes to marketing any law firm is to avoid putting all of your eggs in a single basket.  If you spend all of your effort and time trying to rank for only five to ten keywords, then you are missing the greater picture.

Lawyer Search Engine Optimization

Essential Tips And Strategies:

What is bankruptcy lawyer search engine optimization?  The process in which website organization and the content is purposefully designed to push bankruptcy law firm web pages higher in the search engine rankings.

Most bankruptcy attorneys are keen to learn more about this process since they seek to get the most from their websites.  It is all very common to spend a significant amount of money and time on website development only to lower its online reach by overlooking some basic strategies.  Also, effective SEO for bankruptcy lawyers is more essential than ever.  A rising number of legal clients searching online for legal services in their location.

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Bankruptcy SEO for Attorneys
Effective Strategies For SEO For Bankruptcy Lawyers

1. Keep Posting Content

Web pages don’t exist as entities in themselves. Remember that search engines also rank content by the strength of the entire website. The longer your site has existed, the more power it’ll have. However, search engines also give preference to sites which are frequently publishing new content.

In most cases, this is especially essential to consider in light of some other business factors. For example, firms with access to initial capital may contract web content at the outset of their operations.

Even if you have a hundred web articles at your disposal, it is more productive to publish some of these articles at a time. Do not publish all at once followed by many weeks or months of the status quo.

2. Stay Local

The legal services industry is a huge business, and there’s stiff competition for the most effective and popular keyword searches. An average law firm simply will not make in-roads for the terms such as “find a lawyer,” or “bankruptcy law firm,” even if they adhere to all the best practices for SEO.

Luckily, many law firms do not have to win the key terms. Instead, they can focus on the local terms, like “Ohio bankruptcy lawyer” or “Denver bankruptcy attorney,” and eventually target their client base more efficiently, while also developing SEO platform more easily.

3. SEO-Based Networking

It is quite impossible to overestimate the significance of the websites linking and external sources to the content on your site. Search engine algorithms depend mainly on the judgment of the reader endorsements.  This is measured by the links developed by the established online authorities.

In this way, SEO for bankruptcy lawyers need to follow common networking strategies. Trade links with some other local bankruptcy attorneys who have a different practice location. Include this link request as part of your standard business-to-business networking strategy.

Look for any opportunities to write articles on the third-party legal websites in exchange for a link for your site. Maintain a perfect blog on your site which is likely to attract these kinds of links.

4. Have A Mobile-Optimized Website

With an increasing number of web traffic coming from various mobile devices such as tablets and phones (estimates place mobile device-based web traffic as 40 percent of the world’s web traffic).  This is important because Google warned that they would penalize websites which don’t have mobile-friendly websites.

What does that mean? Check out the website of your law firm in your preferred web browser. Now make the browser window much smaller. If your site is mobile-optimized, the entire contents of your website should fit on the screen without having to scroll horizontally to see the right and left sides of your pages.

You should be able to scroll down to see all of your website content directly. Also, this will apply if your device is viewed in a mobile phone or tablet browser. If you need to scroll right or left to see everything on your page, then it isn’t mobile-optimized.

So how can you develop a mobile-optimized website? First, you should ask your website designer a couple of questions.  Do they use WordPress as the content management system for your site? (and they should), your site can easily be made mobile-ready cheaply. It should not cost much to adjust this.  Top they say it will cost a fortune?  You may have to get a new web designer for your bankruptcy law firm.

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