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Overcoming hurdles is necessary before you can practice law. These hurdles include getting a bachelor’s degree, taking a Law School Admission Test, and then earning a doctorate in Law. You also have to pass the Bar Exam in your state before you can practice law. Unfortunately, overcoming these hurdles does not translate into a steady stream of clients. People will come to you if they hear about your prowess in law. In 2012, more than four million people used the internet to search for a lawyer. How will they come to you if you do not have an online presence? Here are some search engine optimization for law firms.

– Setting Up a Blog and Maintaining It

Search engines pick up the information that is on your website. They will not pick it up if it does not have enough content. Setting up a blog is a way of generating content on your site. You should note that updating your blog consistently is a good idea. Doing so keeps you relevant on all search engines because they value an active site. Moreover, they will rank you highly because they will interpret your consistency as a sign of a credible website. In other words, they will think that you always have something new to offer to your online visitors.

– The Content Has To Be Authoritative

Visitors to your website want to know if you have in-depth knowledge of legal processes. A blog allows you to post content that they would find interesting. For example, an article on personal injury cases would attract someone who suffered from a car accident. Similarly, another one on divorce law would appeal to a divorcee who wants custody of her children. Therefore, SEO for lawyers involve a determination of the legal trends in addition to developing an understanding of your niche in law.

The result is an article that reflects what clients are looking for within your area of specialization. That is how the content on your site becomes authoritative. Examining cases studies especially recent ones would also help you build credibility among your online visitors.

– Include the Relevant Keywords in the Content

People search for legal services using certain words and phrases. For example, someone might search for ‘qualified DUI lawyers.’ Technically, online marketers would refer to ‘qualified DUI lawyers’ as keywords. Sites such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo would direct this individual to websites that have the same words within their content. That means you should know the phrases people use to search for legal services that you provide. SEO for law firms should include a thorough analysis of the keywords people use to search for services you provide. Then it should incorporate these words into your online content.

– Promoting You on Social Media

A study in 2012 revealed that 58 million people had searched for a lawyer in 2011. Most of these people operate social media accounts. In fact, 78% of all the individuals in this country have a profile on social media. The same study also found that Facebook was the most popular means of searching for legal services online after Google. These facts are a clear indication that you need a social media presence. SEO for lawyers can help you build this presence. More specifically, it will increase your visibility on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus among other prominent social media sites.

– Registering With Online Directories

Lawyers are busy people dealing with ongoing cases and legal developments. They do not have time to examine online directories. However, online marketing firms specialize in analyzing these lists so that they can determine which ones are the most suitable for their clients. You should note that most people search for legal services within their city or town. They do not search for lawyers who are far away from their present location. Therefore, SEO for lawyers include listing you on local directories so that potential clients can find you quickly and easily.

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local seo for lawyers– Creating a Responsive Website

This year, 31 million people in this country went online using a mobile phone only. They did not use their desktop computers to access the internet. That means more and more people will view your website through their mobile devices. Is your website responsive to these devices? Your online visitors will have a hard time reading anything on your site if it is not. Scrolling through it might be so cumbersome that they may visit your competitor’s site instead. You can avoid such scenarios if you hire an SEO firm that understands how important a responsive website is in today’s world.

– Developing Relevant Links to Your Website

Your site has two kinds of links i.e. internal and external links. Both of them are important because they direct your online visitors to additional resources or information. For example, an internal link may lead someone to a document that he can download. Each link should be functional because broken ones are annoying. External links direct your online visitors to third party organizations such as police services, government offices, or professional associations for lawyers. They should be working as well. Finally, links can also come from other sites directing their online visitors to you. These links, known as backlinks, improve your online credibility. Search optimization services should focus on creating them as much as possible.

– Maintaining Your Online Reputation

The internet is an unforgiving environment. Anyone can write anything about you at any time. How can you monitor such writings? It would be difficult for you to do so because of time constraints. Additionally, finding such comments on the internet requires a complex mix of strategies and software. SEO for law firms specialize in this kind of activity. They know what they should look for and where to look for it. More importantly, they know how to respond to negative comments. Hiring an online marketing firm ensures that responses to such comments are swift, polite, and decisive.

– Conducting Research on How Online Visitors Respond To Your Website

Your site exists because of your online visitors, and therefore, their opinion on it matters. How do they feel about your color theme, font, and font size? Are they okay with the site as it is? What kind of improvement would they like to see? You also need to know how they got to your site. Did they stumble upon it? Did their friends suggest it to them? This information helps you when you are trying to gauge the effectiveness of your website. In other words, is it delivering the results that you wanted to see? A competent firm in SEO services for lawyers would give you this information so that you can use it to make appropriate decisions.

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